We at Keyee offer a wide range of hardware products for casement door and window system, such as handle, hinge, friction stay, lock, joint corner, and more. The use of these accessories results in the casement door and window offering wide open space, great ventilation, thermal insulation, as well as good sealing and sound-proof performance.

Keyee handle, lock, joint corner and other accessories are made using a variety of materials (like steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, plastic, etc.) and surface treatment techniques (such as powder coating, oxidizing, electroplating, etc.), so we are confident our customers can choose the ideal product for their specific need.

We at Keyee offer a wide range of hardware products for folding door system, such as handle, hinge and lock. The use of these accessories makes opening, closing or cleaning the folding door an easy task. Our folding door hardware is available in a variety of configurations, materials (like zinc alloy, aluminum, etc.)

At Keyee, we offer an extensive line of hardware spares for louver window system, including louver window operator, handle, hinge, joint corner, and more. These accessories are available in a wide range of materials, surface finishes, and designs to suit customers' diverse requirements. In addition, we can also manufacture products according to customers' design drawings.

As Keyee tit-turn window handle, tit-turn window friction stay and joint corner are reliable, functional, and compliant with CE, UL and TUV standards, customers around the world can feel secure in purchasing and using them. Please call us for further information!

Keyee is a professional door and window system manufacturer in China. We provides a wide range of products, including casement window handle, sliding door lock, casement window hinge, folding door lock, louver window joint corner, casement window joint corner, louver window operator, and tilt-turn window friction stay, among others.