Keyee is a professional door and window hardware manufacturer based in China. Our products include casement door handle, casement window handle, casement window lock, sliding door lock, sliding window roller, folding door hinge, louver window operator, tilt-turn window joint corner, and much more.

Main Products
    1. Casement Window Handle KBB067

      Keyee casement window handle is designed for the easy, safe and convenient opening and closing of your casement window.

    1. Casement Window Hinge KBB080 Keyee casement window hinge is available in a wide range of styles and colors to suit customers' different requirements.
    1. Sliding Window Roller KBL004

      The sliding window roller makes it a breeze to open and close the window. It is located at the bottom of the window, running on a track.

    1. Casement Window Friction Stay KBN027

      The friction stay is designed to provide support and control for casement window. It includes a slider for smooth, quiet movement.

    1. Folding Door Lock KBS077Product item: KBS077
      Product name: folding door lock
      Material: steel
      Surface treatment: powder coating